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Goodbye boredom.
   Goodbye confusion.
      Goodbye gymtimidation.

Hello ActivTrax.

It’s one of a kind.

Other apps give your members workouts, but only ActivTrax Lite personalizes their experience.

No one else can do what we do.
Our 6-Exercise Strength Test allows us to predict the right weight settings for any member, on every piece of equipment in the industry.

Getting started is easy.

Test Their Strength

Members perform our 6-Exercise Strength Test either on their own or with your staff.

Build Their Profile

The member’s results are entered online and their profile questionnaire is completed.

That’s it!

Activtrax analyzes their preferences to create their customized routine— right equipment, right exercises, and the prescribed weights are perfect.

A customized experience with no more guesswork.

See it in Action

Fitness success in the palm of their hands.

Standard Features Include:

  • Full integration with all operations & member management platforms
  • Automated & adaptive technology guides members with every visit
  • Equipment specific weight prescription
  • Ability to restricts specific exercises
  • Equipment specific workouts automatically adjust routines across locations & branches
  • Cardio & class tracking
  • Nutrition planning, journaling, tracking and more
  • A mobile and desktop experience
  • Integration with wearable devices

Optional Add-Ons:

  • In depth reporting
  • Custom workout routine builder
  • Fitness & weight loss challenges
  • Full featured scheduling platform with mobile app, package tracking, email & SMS reminders, robust analytics
  • Automated phone dialer makes it simple to deliver important messages or updates to groups of members
  • Bulk text messaging gives you another way to stay in front of your members

Is there really a difference? ...You bet.

17+ years of testing equipment to perfect our predictive technology

Weight prescription is specific to equipment manufacturer, make, and model and is perfectly accurate

Variety and difficulty of exercises are based on member experience

Workout results are analyzed, new exercises are introduced, and weights are automatically adjusted

As if a personalized fitness experience wasn't enough—
ActivTrax Lite addresses YOUR toughest challenges.

Ease Burden

Staff Productivity

Give every member personalized attention, no matter your staff size.


Member Retention

Members who work out with ActivTrax Lite are 33% more likely to make it to Month 13.


Members New & Old

Keep members excited about exercise with the most personalized, branded fitness app on the market.


Membership Value

Go beyond the regular benefits. Put a personal trainer in each of your members’ pockets.

We make things easier for you.

Regardless of size, every fitness facility struggles with delivering top notch customer service. So many members and so few staff. ActivTrax Lite provides full-time engagement and the guidance your members need.

Our technology, your equipment, every member, every visit—
a completely customized workout experience.

Strength Training

Cardio Tracking


A personalized experience delivered straight to your member’s phones.

Phone with App Exercise Screen Phone with App Cardio Summary Screen Phone with App Food Journal Screen

Goodbye workout cards. Goodbye file cabinets.

Hello ActivTrax.